Key in the Lock


Corona Virus Cleaning and Sanitizing 

$1.50 per sq ft. Let us take the worry out of making sure you are safe at home and business. We also leave you w tips to stay clean

Mold Inspections and Testing

Full Lab testing and Report 
For $599 one of our highly trained Inspection Specialists will come to your home or business and complete a full test. Included in the test is on-sight testing (with state-of-the-art mold testing equipment), lab sampling and consultation. Within 5 working days (expedited results available) you receive a full (15-20 page) written report including lab results, remediation recommendations and proper information to give you peace of mind. Domiciles and places of business vary in size and but our price does not. 

Lab samples are collected by the inspector to provide the baseline and accurate information of mold levels. Santa Monica Mold and Environmental does not charge for individual samples collected and analyzed. This is included in our standard inspection fee. Be careful of other companies who will quote a low inspection fee, then charge for a large number of samples, raising your cost by several hundred dollars. 

Recommended for:
Dwellers with health concerns, small children, pregnant moms, Tenants needing to document mold issues Real Estate agents representing buyers/sellers Home Owners concerned with mold infestation. 

On-Site Inspection 
For $399, an inspector will come to you house to test for mold problems and recommend subsequent solutions. SMME comes equipped with specialized testing equipment capable of finding common and rare molds. Inspectors can evaluate their potential levels of toxicity and recommend methods of removal.

Recommended for: 
Manageable mold issues; Dwellers who suspect mold or actually see it but aren’t sure how to deal with it.

* follow-up visit included for both types of inspections