Santa Monica, CA, USA

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A few years ago many people had never heard of Toxic Mold. Now, through recent well-publicized media events and landmark judicial decisions, there is a much higher level of public awareness on the topic. But how does it affect you? Your home? And most importantly, your family?
Recent research on the potential health effects due to exposure of mold has caused many people to over-react to a crisis that when caught early can be remediated with no long term or lasting effects to those exposed. This is done with simple but precise testing. Lab results are discussed in language our clients can understand and all possible solvents to your problem are presented. 
However, Santa Monica Environmental differs in the following area: We are not are not a dedicated remediation company and have no vested interest in ‘discovering' mold that would require costly treatment. We detect the problem, if there is one, and recommend solutions.
It is important to understand that mold is everywhere. In fact, without the biological breakdown of organic materials (of which mold is the facilitator) our world would be a very dirty place. Santa Monica Environmental makes sure that the levels of mold in your home/office are acceptable and safe. That is to say some people are far more susceptible than others to varied levels of Toxic Mold.
Often times a mold problem is remediated with common Anti-Mold and/or Mold preventative solutions. Other more serious cases involve removal of wood, walling, etc. and in even more serious cases the area must be evacuated until the toxic mold spores are removed. In any case we will speak honestly to you and provide you with your laboratory results from one of the most respected labs in America. Based on the science, we will share our recommendations.